STAR TREK – Movie Review

8 mai, 2009

STAR TREK - Movie Review

I don’t think we truly had, as a generation, a great introduction to the Star Trek universe. I mean, sure we can all mention trademarks of the series like Spock and captain Kirk, and maybe even « KHAN! », but we still had no real introduction. I guess the reason for it was that George Lucas had all the attention for his prequels. And we all know how well those were. But anyway, we finally have one thanks to the creators of the TV series Lost who decided to make a prequel (or something like that) of the original Star Trek series. It might have been delayed from its original release date, but the results are finally here and what we got is a pretty strong film in every way.

It’s kinda hard to tell what the story of the movie is, but basically, a group of Romulans, led by captain Nero, entered a black hole and went back in time after their planet was destroyed to get revenge on the United Federations of Planets for doing nothing. By going back in time, they change history and the destiny of every single character. And so the U.S.S. Enterprise must stop this ship before it destroys more and more planets part of the UFP.

The plot of the film works in the continuity of the original series, while not going for the origins stuff we’ve already seen. So while Star Trek is a prequel, it is also kind of a sequel… you know what? It’s not worth it to waste our time on this little thing. What I must say is that the scenario is really good. Everything in this movie makes sense, every part of the plot is brilliantly written and connects perfectly with the rest. And the fact that this is a prequel to the series doesn’t harm it in any way. You never tell yourself that you know what’s gonna happen to all of the crew members because it starts fresh (but not quite).

What’s more worth mentioning are the actors that nail their characters perfectly. Every crew member is played perfectly from beginning to end, and there is never a moment where they screw up. And sure, this might be an alternative reality different from what we know, but even with that we still believe in their characters. Actors I should mention would be Chris Pine as Kirk, Zachary Quinto as Dr. Spock, Karl Urban as « Bones », Eric Bana as Nero and, oh, Simon Pegg as Scotty! What an awesome choice! Of course we still have a lot more characters, all of which do their job very well. We even get a little bit of Leonard Nemoy through out the film, as the first Dr. Spock. Now I know a lot of you would have like to see William Shatner in this movie too, but sorry he isn’t. Maybe for the best in fact.

The special effects and also the space battles are greatly put together. It’s way more chaotic and explosive than the old space battles, and it also compliments the story greatly. It’s a good thing because I don’t think the movie would have work just as good if the black hole effect sucked, since there are just so much of them in this film. But still, they never steal the show. I’m kinda surprised to see how much words I’m writing about it since the characters were way more interesting than the good-looking stuff, even if this is a science-fiction film.

The ending was just as powerful as the rest of the movie. It makes every character complete and pretty much starts off the actual Star Trek adventures as we know them. Intro speech included. I cannot really say much about it, but all I can say is that it’s pretty clever.

I heard from some people that this movie is gonna piss George Lucas. I couldn’t agree more. Star Trek is how to make a prequel or a reboot of a series. It stays loyal to what people have grown up with and at the same time, makes something totally new that is far better than what we expect. It’s true there are some little problems, but they are just so small against the rest that is so epic that all we do is just ignoring them. Clearly, the writers and the director did their job right because I hope we’ll have more of them and I think a lot of people are thinking the same. This is a great start to the 2009 summer movie season.

Wait, it already begun? Which film? …X-Men Origins: Wolverine? …oh yeah.

Vincent Emond

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