DRAG ME TO HELL – Movie Review

31 mai, 2009

« I’m just gonna blow your fuckin’ braaaaains out! »

DRAG ME TO HELL - Movie Review

Director Sam Raimi is known for its great work on the Spider-Man series… well, except for the 3rd one. But a lot of people know him for the Evil Dead movies. It’s just a shame that it’s not as much as the first category. And that is why Drag Me to Hell is so much awesome. This film is a really fun trip of horror-comedy. The only thing you need to do is go in with the right expectations.

Christine Brown is an employee at a bank and is in competition with one of her co-workers for the assistant manager post. Wanting to show she can take hard decisions, she refuses to delay a payment for an old lady. Angered, the old lady attacks her in the parking and cast a curse of her; for 3 days, a demon called Lamia will violently haunt her. Then, she will go in hell. And the rest is pure great chaos…

The scenario of the film is really close to the Evil Dead movies because it relies on both horror and comedy in the same way the 80s films did. Let me explain what I mean: at his basis Drag Me to Hell is a scary movie. With scary stuff (instead of the gore that we got lately). But at the same time, those scenes are so disgusting and so chaotic that it becomes incredibly hilarious. I mean, for God’s sake, they have an excessive nose bleed that works and pretty much made us laugh. The whole movie is based around this formula that honestly hasn’t really been used for some time, and it’s a really good thing to see them back, since it comes with tons of fun.

I don’t think there’s isn’t much to say about the cast of the acting, because it’s clear there wasn’t any focus on this aspect, but there are still some things to mention. 2 actors are notable in the film: Alison Lohman and Justin Long. The rest of the cast is pretty unknown people. But there are surprisingly good for their job. Everyone works with the scenario of the movie… sorry that’s all I got. Really.

Maybe I just need to say Drag Me to Hell is fun. That’s all you need to know. It makes great use of horror and humour and in the end, we’ve got 93 minutes of non-stop awesome shit everywhere. I might give it only 4 stars, but it’s a very enthusiastic 4 stars.


(Vincent Émond)

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