THE HANGOVER – Movie Review

19 juin, 2009

Yeah. I know. I’m late.

THE HANGOVER - Movie Review

Sorry to start off a review like this, but I’m not a party guy. At all. Sure I love to put MotorStorm music really fuckin’ loud, but since my social life isn’t so good and I’m not into drinking that much, I think we can all agree with that. But, I have to say that I enjoyed a movie where 3 guys are returning from the gigantic party that they made the night before while trying to find their lost friend. Maybe that’s because The Hangover was funny.

Doug is getting married in some days, and to celebrate that, 3 of his friends (actually, one of them will be his brother-in-law) decides to make a party in Las Vegas itself. After they start it by sharing a drink on the roof of the Ceaser’s Palace, we fast-forward to next morning, where their room is mess. Stripers are leaving, there’s a tiger in the bathroom and the guys can’t remember anything. Worst of all, Doug is nowhere to be found and they must find him before his marriage in 2 days. So Phil, Stu and Alan must rewind to last night in order to save their friend.

The story for this movie is pretty much just the set up. What we’re really in for is a road movie where characters go to location, shit happens, move on. But here, our heroes are going backwards because they forgot their friend along the way. So the goal is way more interesting than usual. But that’s all I have for the plot, since the rest are just funny situations. And as much as I laughed during the movie, I have to say that the humour was just good, not great. Sorry if I piss people off.

What’s worth a big paragraph on the other hand would be the main characters. It might not seem like much but they’re carrying this whole movie. First off is Phil, a true bastard that’s also the leader of the group. Stu is the dentist that is always really safe and must agree with everything his girlfriend says. Alan is the timid brother-in-law that is actually kinda weird if you ask me. Despite all of this they’re really likeable, just like characters for the genre should be after all.

I won’t give away the ending since I already gave it to 3 different people in family, but please, you HAVE to see the credits sequences at all cost. Believe me; if you haven’t seen the entire ending, then you haven’t seen The Hangover. Guaranteed.

Dammit, even I am amazed to how little I wrote about this movie. I guess I shouldn’t wait so long to write a review from now on. But really, The Hangover is a good comedy. It’s a good road movie after all and you should go see it. Now excuse me, I have to drink a little bit… juice. I like juice…


(Vincent Emond)

…wha… what the hell happened today? Oh crap, I rented Fuel! And I played this piece of shit for 10 hours! Oh my god!

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