DE PÈRE EN FLIC – Movie Review

10 juillet, 2009

Starring Louis-José House as Louis-José Houde!

DE PÈRE EN FLIC - Movie Review

Released in 2007, Bon Cop, Bad Cop is the most successful Quebec film ever made. Its mix of action, humour, and hockey grossed around 14 millions $, even beating the box office revenue of 1980’s movie Porky’s (and please don’t show up with the inflation stuff, I don’t care). Honestly I didn’t find the film so special, but everybody else seems to like it. Problem is a sequel won’t come anytime soon so in the meantime, director Émile Gaudreault comes with De père en flic, a summer comedy with Michel Côté and Louis-José Houde. At this time, this movie already has made half a million in theatres, but what we got in return is a surprisingly forgettable experience.

Jacques Laroche is a police man on the case of the Bloody Machines, a bike gang that has committed numerous crimes. His son Marc is also helping him but because of him, Marc’s best friend gets kidnapped before his eyes, complicating the situation and their family relations. At the same time, the advocate protecting the Bloody Machines’ leader is in hard times with his own son. And then, both fathers and sons do the most logic choice: they go on a trip in the forest to be closer between them… yeah, I know it doesn’t make much sense on paper, but you’ll get the idea.

One of the most important aspects of De père en flic is its casting, with a lot of big names. The first worth mentioning would be humorist Louis-José Houde, playing the awesome role of… well, let’s face it, Louis-José Houde. He plays the same character he played at his shows and TV programs. Same goes for the minor role he had in Bon Cop, Bad Cop. Either way, you might start to overdose on him after a few scenes because isn’t the job of acting supposed to be playing different characters? I like him as a humorist, he’s great. I never thought I’d say this but he annoyed me on this movie. Michel Côté is returning for yet another summer flick playing the role of Jacques Laroche. Rémy Girard is also there because as we all know, Rémy Girard must be in every single Quebec film now. I think it’s a clause for the subventions, that how they made Le Bonheur de Pierre. Finally we got Patrick Drolet and Jean-Michel Anctil as the big leader of the crime organization. Sadly, all of this is overshadowed by the acting being fairly alright through out the film. Nobody really stands out of the pack. Also, Jean-Michel Anctil doesn’t do much in this entire movie. All he does is coming out on screen saying “I’m the evil dude.” and that’s it. Sure the four principal actors do get their moment, but those scenes happen at the end of the film.

The scenario is also lack-luster because it never succeeds much when it comes to the humour and the action. To be fair, I barely laughed in this movie, only chuckled. The main reason being the fact De père de flic focuses on Marc’s characters in funny moments. And since I because kinda bored with his performance, I never got into it. The action suffers on the other hand because they do not deliver. They are too simple, and too short to satisfy. Here’s a good example: there’s this scene where four bikers come to the main characters location in other to kill them. Three of them go in the restaurant. As soon as they enter, Louis-José Houde gets out of cover and shoots 3 times, killing them all. And that’s it. There’s still this one guy after both fathers but really, you took out three criminals just like that?

Just like a lot of other works by Émile Gaudreault – anybody remembers Mambo Italiano? – De père en flic just becomes a forgettable movie. It doesn’t try hard enough to make memorable scenes, and the actors don’t contribute to the overall story. Although I have to admit there is a particular scene at the end of the film that I have to talk about. In the last scenes, Louis-José Houde goes to a cemetery with a bunch of flowers. It reminded of another movie; a better movie, with police guys and a great father and son relationship. What was it? Oh right…




(Vincent Émond)

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2 commentaires

  1. […] pourquoi est-ce qu’il y a encore beaucoup de monde qui s’en vont lire ma critique, qui reflète le fait que je n’ai pas du tout trippé sur le film? Il n’y avait rien de […]

  2. All I can say is that I do not agree at all with your comments… L-J Houde was pretty funny in the movie and I don’t get why you find he’s a bad actor? In many serious scenes he was really good (like when his father is dying)…

    Besides, whole movie was really funny, I don’t know what you were expecting….

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