BRÜNO – Movie Review

12 juillet, 2009

Thank you, sweet sixteen!BRÜNO - Movie Review

Borat was a great character. I mean, yeah, he was really politically incorrect in the way he acted in the American society but at the same time, he was so innocent and likeable that we loved him. Now his creator Sasha Baron Cohen decided to take the controversy even further with the last remaining characters of his former TV show, a guy named Brüno. And while he is must more incorrect this time around, it ends up hurting the film back because we never really click with him.

The basic set-up of Brüno – because there is no story anywhere – is that our main character is a gay Austrian television reporter for a fashion program. But after a really bad day, he loses his job and his boyfriend. So he takes this opportunity to go to Hollywood and become a movie star, only accompanied by his assistant’s assistant, Lutz. And after we go from situation to situation as he tries to be a celebrity, the only way an attention whore knows how.

So let’s analyse the Brüno character, shall we? I know no homosexuals are like this guy (Thank God!) but after all, he is a combination of every gay stereotype ever made, ranging from eccentric wardrobe to penises all over the place. And when you take those big stereotypes to the most conservative places in USA, you can get a lot of interesting stuff. But the problem with Brüno is that he is not likeable, at all. He is essentially a bitch, only wanting attention, so we miss the sincerity of Borat.

But the thing about him, and the movie most of all, is that it just takes things too far. What Brüno does in the entire running time is without barriers, as we even get a sequence where his penis talks… I’m not kidding. We literally see his dick just flipping everywhere, and then he looks at the camera saying “BRÜNO!”. It’s just that crazy. But at the same time, it’s just way too much it become more uncomfortable than truly funny. Couple this with a lot of editing and the events are just not as credible and funny as it could have been. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of great moments like the talk show scene and the final singing part. But there are also a lot of just okay moments.

What good things I have to say is that Sacha Baron Cohen is incredible. From an artistic point of view it’s alright but technically it’s amazing. People don’t know this but deliberately act stupid without any sign of laugh on the face is a good challenge for 2 minutes. Imagine that for 82 minutes. Imagine this guy playing a really stupid character, and bringing him to real people without laughing at any point. Sure the editing might have taken a little bit of his appeal but still it’s amazing.

I’m sure when he got the feedback for Borat, a lot of people wanted more incorrect stuff and more moments with celebrities. The problem is they made an entire movie out of these two things, and it doesn’t capture the genius of its predecessor very well. A lot of basic ingredients were cast aside and the result is a cake that it way too hard to be good. After all, moderation tastes always better.

*drinks a Bloody Cesar*


(Vincent Émond)

Pendant ce temps: Vincent se couche tard. Vraiment trop tard.

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